LTE, UMTS and GSM interception system, providing monitoring and location tracking capabilities for law enforcement, intelligence, and national security agencies

The Zeus is an independent and portable active intelligence system for GSM, UMTS (3G) and LTE (4G) networks. The system is a modular suite for field agents with variable independent capabilities of detection, location tracking and interception features for mobile phones. The Zeus comes in 3 different sizes which are all provided with a full interception kit, batteries, and antennas for quick deployment in any operational scenario. The system can be controlled remotely by any simple PC, laptop or a tablet. Zeus is part of the Nemesis package. The Nemesis suite combines tactical portable systems in perfect synergy, encompassing the entire cellular and satellite spectrum. Systems can be delivered standalone or as a modular suite for a specific threat.

Quick Overview

• Enable complete control of interception, identification, monitoring and locating of Target(s) mobile phone(s) on GSM, UMTS and LTE networks.

• All features in one portable case.

• Block target and/or an entire area’s communication for hostage situations, convoy security and more.

• Simultaneously display the accurate location of surrounding mobile phones.

• Monitor incoming/outgoing conversations and read/edit/redirect SMSs (breaking the A5/1 encryption).

• Create an independent and stable private network in cases of no-coverage areas, natural catastrophes and other emergencies.

• Deploy a communication line between the system and the target’s mobile phone for covert and accurate location tracking.