Training & Implementation

Provided by the most experienced and capable personnel in the Tactical SIGINT and Tactical WEBINT fields.

At 9Dots we acknowledge that the fastest and most efficient way to close the gap between technology and the end-user is by both strengthening product proficiency and acquiring work methods.

The modular implementation suite commence with the system delivery and may proceed to a long term collaboration with the costumer. Support includes a “fine tuning” stage, advanced operational training, advanced training with surveillance principles and OJT (On Job Training).

Delivering knowledge, experience and professionalism to our costumers

At 9DOTS we specialize in technology implementation, operational training and providing our customers a special suite of system assembly, operational accompaniment and live operational support.

As part of our training we provide a TTT (Train the Trainer) course in which the costumer will appoint key users who will be given an advanced trainers course from our most experienced personnel. Those key users will be periodically updated with upgrades and new products.

Quick Overview

• Theoretical course of the relevant protocols with communication engineers.

• A basic training week which includes theoretical lessons in class, system assembly, basic system overview, management GUI and analytics training.

• Advanced operational training which includes hands-on training in a vehicle, high-rise buildings location tracking or analyst course for mass intelligence collection.

• Combined course of both technological and operational training along with surveillance principles and covert methodologies.

• Operational Support – a certificate of  On Job Support, 24 hour availability of a system expert with operational background for assisting the team in their missions.

• DESK Course – formation of intelligence analysts in diverse disciplines: VISINT, WEBINT, HUMINT, OSINT and Cyber.

• WEBINT course – formation of WEB intelligence analysts with the necessary skills and technology to perform autonomous WEBINT research: data mining, WEBINT monitoring, social network analysis.