Mobile satellite interception system for law enforcement, intelligence, and national security agencies.

Mobile satellite communications interception

Titan is a passive stand-alone and portable interception solution for mass and/or target oriented mobile satellite communications. Titan intercepts phone calls, SMSs, faxes, gives an exact GPS location of the target and other raw data.

Titan is part of the Nemesis package, which includes a number of tactical off-air solutions for armed and intelligence forces.  The Nemesis suite combines tactical portable systems in perfect synergy, encompassing the entire cellular and satellite spectrum.  Systems can be delivered standalone or as a modular suite for a specific threat.

Quick Overview

• Interception of both Geostationary (GEO) and low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication (Thuraya, IsatPhone Pro, and Iridium).

• Deciphering of phone calls, SMSs, faxes and other raw data communications.

• Harvesting GPS coordinates of target.

• Locate handset positions at the optimal resolution for each network.

• Unlimited data storage options with smart filters for optimal analysis.