Passive mass and target GSM interception system for law enforcement, intelligence and national security agencies.

Hermes is a passive SIGINT monitoring system that enables interception of mass cellular network traffic, as well as designated monitoring of specific targets. The Hermes system acquires cellular signals off-the-air, and uses its built-in capabilities to decrypt the GSM network communications. The Hermes intercepts and processes RF traffic, voice, SMS and GSM protocol information in real time and in a covert manner.

Hermes is part of the Nemesis package, which includes a number of tactical off-air solutions for armed and intelligence forces.  The Nemesis suite combines tactical portable systems in perfect synergy, encompassing the entire cellular and satellite spectrum.  Systems can be delivered standalone or as a modular suite for a specific threat.

Quick Overview

• Enables mass interception of cellular phones (wide coverage area) and target oriented monitoring

• No electromagnetic footprint.

• A5/1 and A5/2 decryption capabilities.

• Speech identification and text analytics.