Combined Solutions

After working with a large variety of units and organizations, we managed to create combined solutions of technological systems and a designated training programs, assembled specifically for our customers and their operational challenges.

The Nemesis Package

A package of both active and passive solutions for various communication protocols.

The systems can be delivered both standalone for covertness and mobility of the forces, or assembled on top of designated vehicles for a gross solution.

The TacPack

Our exclusive elite location tracking pack.

Assembled for elite tactical units where the covert capabilities are the main focus. The package includes M-Zeus + location tracking device + Cellmulator. The package is provided with an advanced 2-5 week operational training which includes surveillance principles, covert work methods and advanced location tracking drills.

The LocTrack

Our “Location Tracking” package.

Includes a set of 1/2 location tracking devices and 1/2 Cellmulators. This package is addressed to specific units or tactical squads whose main objective is the final phase of tracking a target.