A simple and portable training tool with the capability of transmitting in the frequency of any desired network (worldwide) on both GSM and UMTS.

Operational location tracking training aid for tactical law enforcement agencies and other intelligence units.

A simple and portable training tool capable of transmitting in the frequency of any network on both GSM/UMTS.

The system is controlled remotely by a user interface, which allow the operator to control both Cellmulator and the actual training simultaneously. The objective of the Cellmulator is to enhance efficiency of drills and reduce the amount of red tape involved in executing a training session.

Cellmulator is part of the TacPack which includes a number of tactical off-air solutions for armed and intelligence forces.  The TacPack is a full training and operational solution for elite tactical intelligence units.

Quick Overview

• Operational training aid for location tracking.

• Designated training on both UMTS/GSM networks, even in areas where one or both is restricted.

• Friendly and interactive user interface set on an LG Nexus 5.

• Controllable Transmission power from 1W-2W.